Mindfulness for the young

Mindfulness seems to be the trend at the moment and is now being considered to help with the rise of mental health in particularly with young people. it has been considered that children from the age of 8 years old can be helped by the Buddhist practise. in a study into the happiness of todays[…]


Interesting article in the newspaper suggesting that Mindfulness is a way and indeed one of the best ways to tackle stress. In the article Hollywood stars are listed as being believers of this practise and the help it can give when dealing with stress and the anxiety. This original Buddhist philosophy believes in trying  to[…]

Therapy today

Therapy today is a flagship professional journal.  Published 10 times year., it is the most widely read professional journal for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. The journal is highly valued by academics, educationalists and grassroots practitioners seeking to share their work with their professional peers. It publishes a core of feature articles on topics[…]

Counselling Directory

I am listed on the counselling directory. Counselling directory understand the importance of knowing that your therapist is trained and experienced – which is why they have thorough approvals policy in place that must be met by each individual professional before you can be listed. Each professional is asked to show documentation of their relevant[…]


I share with you the insight from Kadam Elliott who is a teacher in meditation and mindfulness. In his seminar he outlined his view of which I can agree that despite the the best material comforts and conveniences in history, everywhere you look it appears that depression , anxiety and conflict are on the rise,[…]

My degree and where it all started

This is a three-year work-based learning course delivered at Kingston College in an Integrative-Relational approach to counselling. It is validated by Middlesex University. The course focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required to work with adults on an individual basis and emphasis is given to the importance of the student’s personal development as an[…]

Increase in relational distress

I have found it interesting that over the last 3 months there has been a significant increase in clients contacting me regarding relational issues. The number of different struggles with are connected to family and relationship issues is huge.  Often anxiety depression and confusion which can involve sadness, anger and loneliness all being experienced at[…]

Counselling in Weybridge Surrey

Counselling in Weybridge Surrey My all new counselling website goes live! I can provide professional counselling services from my clinic based in Weybridge Surrey. If you are looking for a caring compasionate psychotherapist in Weybridge or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me.