Shocking statistics

Due to chronic underinvestment the waiting time for therapy in some areas can be as long as a year. This reality was highlighted as the government lans to increase the number from 23,000 to 350,000 patients who are trailing their new NHS personal health budgets. The notion of giving patients a set amount of money of which they spend on their health care. In my understanding a crazy notion which will be unhelpful for both the NHS and the patients. The Nhs is underfunded so does not have the resources or man power to give the level of care in a timely manner to some patients. handing the money out and asking the patients to get their own care when it could be invested into the Nhs to increase the resources surly has the potential to help a larger number of patients in the future. Education people to manage this money for their health care is timely or the professionals and will run out very quickly leaving people with no funding and potentially no help.

Getting therapy on the NHS is too slow, reducing the lists by employing more people and increasing the resources seems a safer and more straight forward solution.

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