Can’t say no?

NHS psychiatrist Max Pemberton highlighted the parental factor in children’s diet and health. In this article it stresses the campaigning for fast food advertising to be banned until 9pm. But the doctor suggests that although there is no harm in doing this the parental element of saying ‘no’ to children has been over looked. He goes on to say that society seems to be shifting to a position where children can not and are no being challenged. I understood from the article that if there were better education around what is good for you in schools, then the children could make more informed choices.

With the rise in children hood obesity, this education could have a chance of moving those figures in the other direction. With body image issues being so previlant with the youth of today, anything to inform children so they have the knowledge can only be a positive. The anxiety and stress which I have seen linked to the issues of body issues seems to be increasing in particular amongst teen age girls.

Saying ‘no’ for their own good backed up with an explanation which extends to their learning in school decreasing the damage to another generation.

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