Visit to the G.P

I was so pleased this week to see on a visit to my G.P,  the number of leaflets and posters in the waiting room with reference to mental health and in particular promoting talking therapies.

Information was available about a variety of supports. CBT information was explaining its benefit with helping people to improve and recover from depression and anxiety through having tools which can be transfered into every day living,  promoting  personal well being.

Counselling and Psychotherapy were advertised as both face to face and telephone support. Adverts touched on the difficulties we can face and the stress of life which is not always easy to deal with or indeed share with those around you.

It was clear that either that if you were interested you could either contact them directly or by making a doctors appointment they would help you make the first step.

I came away pleased that this information was so accessible and there was help to encourage and guide patients through the first step and process of seeking help with their mental health.

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