Shocking statistics

Due to chronic underinvestment the waiting time for therapy in some areas can be as long as a year. This reality was highlighted as the government lans to increase the number from 23,000 to 350,000 patients who are trailing their new NHS personal health budgets. The notion of giving patients a set amount of money[…]

Can’t say no?

NHS psychiatrist Max Pemberton highlighted the parental factor in children’s diet and health. In this article it stresses the campaigning for fast food advertising to be banned until 9pm. But the doctor suggests that although there is no harm in doing this the parental element of saying ‘no’ to children has been over looked. He[…]

A book difficult to put down

One book that has been on my ‘to read’ list for a long time. ┬áSara Payne grief stricken letters written to her daughter Sarah after the horrendous tragedy. Sara’s collection of letters are her voice to Sarah now. Addressing all angles from the initial news and police enquiry to the notion and reality of moving[…]

An interesting read

Just finished the most compelling book. I only saw it as I was leaving the library, so glad I did. ‘Chase the rainbow’ by Poorna Bell. It tells the true story of Poornas husband who struggled with mental health. The story is told so emotionally and truthfully, actually inviting you into the emotion of this[…]